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Muthale Mission Hospital is a Non-profit institution in Kitui county's hilly terrain of Mutonguni. The hospital is owned by the Catholic Diocese of Kitui which dedicated the hospital to love and service of the sick and the needy in their surrounding population. We serve around 100,000 people; as patients and employees. The story of muthale hospital started in 1948 when it was a dispensary headed by the Franciscan Sisters for Africa. Under the same leadership it was upgraded to a hospital hence taking the name Muthale mission Hospital. In 1993 the management of the hospital was handed to the Little Sisters of St. Francis Congregation. With a bed capacity of 80 beds in the in-patient department, we are able to give the best services to our clients, both in and out patient. Our diagnostic team is well trained and experienced to handle any situation. We also offer other quality services in the out-patient department like our Maternal Child Health package, Out based Aids, Home Based Care and our Comprehensive Care Clinic; we are able to serve our community psychologically and medically.



Our vision is providing timely, quality, affordable and Christian health care.
Our mission is to exhibit Christ-likeness in health care provision to the community.


Core Values
  • Caring
  • Commitment
  • Professionalism
  • Team work
  • Integrity